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Sonovision prides itself on its ability to adjust to changing market conditions and provide clients with innovative, next-generation solutions to help them overcome the challenges of tomorrow and seize new market opportunities.



Sonovision has proven experience in Integrated Logistic Support and Obsolescence Management. We have provided support for our clients on small to large projects over many years, ranging from a single engineer on our client’s premises to a full team of SQEPs supporting a multi-year programme.

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Integrated Product Support (IPS)

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Obsolescence Management

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augmented reality maintenance programme on a mobile device



Sonovision offers remote use of the Augmented Reality system in daily maintenance activities inside or outside your maintenance center.

Remote AR tool with live video and audio capabilities
Our AR system assists with remote definition of the maintenance task, service bulletin or complex repair that must be performed when the worker makes a request through the system. It can share images, video and audio with the expert, and the expert can gain access in real-time to what the worker sees and offer the support required.

Real-time support enables the expert to guide the tech­ni­cian by drawing and placing augmented inst­ruc­tions directly into the technician’s field of view. The plat­form also grants tech­ni­cians access to the global data­base with previously solved problems for other colleagues.

Remote support for mobile and glasses
The “One-button solu­tion” directly connects tech­ni­cians to a dedi­cated expert and allows compa­nies to provide their custo­mers with remote assistance to signi­fi­cantly improve their main­ten­ance, repair and support processes, as well as redu­cing on-site and travel costs for the experts.



Sonovision offers real-time maintenance in any location. Using a Communication Kit (i.e. tablet) and Portable AR Kit, we can help you identify any issues that require the assistance of an expert. The expert can access in real-time what the worker can see and provide video and audio support using our highly innovative AR SkillCase software.

Liebherr Aerospace


Our team provides authoring of the maintenance documentation for Liebherr’s systems, analysing the source data provided by Liebherr Aerospace, drawing up and publishing several types of manuals. These include Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM), Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM) or Trouble Shooting Manuals (TSM). All jobs are done in accordance to the current norms and specifications such as ATA, AECMA, STE, Style Guide, Guidance Document, Business Rules, CDIM, etc.

close up of a plane engine turbine

Breguet Atlantic


Explore the cockpit, galley and observation posts of the Breguet Atlantic using Sonovision’s advanced 360 Degree Virtual Tour capabilities. Making any real-world scene digital and fully immersive, this technology can be applied to a wide range of product familiarisation and training scenarios. We capture faithful details including materials, colours and textures of an environment that may be unavailable for physical access due to location, storage, access or repair.

Breguet Atlantic Aircraft 360 degree Virtual Tour of the Cockpit

ATI – FlyZero Reports


Sonovision was selected to design and illustrate a large number of technical reports for the Aerospace Technology Institute, to support them with showcasing the conclusions of the FlyZero project and present "a route to reality for a new generation of zero-carbon emission aircraft." Sonovision UK, along with our sister agencies in France and Spain, were able to effectively coordinate with the FlyZero team to assist and translate a large quantity of data into a professional and readable online experience. We achieved large success with the reports, supporting the entire project from concept design to final presentation, thanks to our talented team of designers and technical illustrators.

Document with a Fly Zero logo and concept aircraft on the cover



Sonovision is supporting Edvance with the construction of Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C. Sonovision UK, along with SOM and Bilfinger, was selected to supply design and engineering support, in the form of technical assistance, work unit and work package. Our Sonovision personnel will be fully integrated into their respective teams, on-site at the Joint Design Office (JDO) or at the UK EPR Design Center, or any other required locations. One of the strength of Sonovision is its capability to resource locally but also to provide internal mobility to Ortec Group collaborators, allowing the transfer of competences and expertise to the customer required location.

maintenance workers in high vis jackets reviewing a product on a digital device