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In-Service Support - Managing the lifecycle of platforms and structures

Sonovision provides In-Service Support with a detailed understanding of the platform operational environment and the technical regulatory system that facilitates its ongoing capability management.

Design Engineering - Designing the Solution

Sonovision’s engineering teams work alongside the largest global OEMs to provide industry-specific design services. We apply our expertise and innovation to the entire design cycle from needs analysis and conception through to preliminary and critical design stages.

special tools and ground support equipment

Sonovision develop innovative tools for a range of design, manufacture, maintenance and efficiency requirements in order to support the ground operations of various industries.

Additive Manufacturing - Exceeding your expectations

Sonovision has experience in new, cutting-edge additive manufacturing processes and techniques. From design and calculations (utilising new innovations such as lattice structures) through to manufacturing and even comprehensive testing of the 3D printed part.

Tooling Design and Manufacture - Delivering the solution

Sonovision has expertise in tooling design and manufacture utilising the most suitable subtractive or additive manufacturing technologies with a product range that has been developed to exceed expectation in terms of use, safety, and lifetime.

After-Sales Support - Continuous Product Support

Sonovision’s offer extends beyond the initial design and manufacture of tooling. We help our customers to maximise tool availability through the entire lifecycle with in-service support including maintenance, testing and calibration.

Success story

Sonovision personnel are well regarded and fully integrated into our respective teams on-site and have proved invaluable. This has even gone as far as Sonovision on-site personnel representing us at suppliers' sites in France and Germany.

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