Sonovision’s Three-Pillar Strategy focuses on optimising the delivery of Operational Excellence, Customer Service and Innovation to our clients worldwide. We continuously monitor and assess these Three Pillars to ensure our compliance and that we meet targets.

Operational Excellence
Customer Service



At Sonovision we are our people. It is vital that our employees are expertly skilled and versatile in order to effectively supply various customer demands in the most responsive manner possible. This is why we invest heavily in staff training and development.

As knowledge management and skills management are particularly important for Sonovision, we have a combination of dedicated training methods including blended learning and our own LMS, O’Metier.

This is to ensure that:

  • Projects which require a short notice ramp-up are expertly handled
  • There is a continuity of workforce knowledge during any natural staff turnover
  • Our people are trained to do what is expected to maintain the high quality we are known for
engineering supporting each other's ideas at work
Robotic Process Automation Arm



Sonovision’s flexible and proactive business approach helps build dynamic and robust partnerships.

  • Accurate forecasting – we structure our teams according to client needs
  • Adapting working practices – proactively learning new sector/industry requirements
  • Innovating and collaborating – to bring new ideas, capabilities and practices to enhance our offering as the strategic partner of choice

Our emphasis on clarity, openness, proactive management, accountability and agility will not only extend the life span of a partnership, but also help strengthen the partnership’s ability to create value and productivity.



Sonovision is a key player in the aeronautics, space, naval and defence industries, and has been a partner of the largest contractors in the sector for more than 70 years.

Our network is organised in a Service Delivery Centers model. We bring flexibility from consulting through to the production of work packages, managing the complete transition.

Our “one-stop shop” philosophy is the basis of our international flexibility: Our customers have a single contract but benefit from the services and expertise of the entire Group – worldwide.

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AFAQ, AFNOR, JOSCAR accredited