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Pilatus Aircraft


Sonovision has a very successful long-distance relationship and on-going contract with Pilatus.  From the 25 initial companies invited to tender, Sonovision was selected to produce the complete suite of Data Modules for the AMM, SRM and IPC for their new PC-24 Twin Engine Super Versatile Business Jet Aircraft to S1000D version4.1.  This was a new programme of work in a version of software new to Pilatus. We have direct links into the Pilatus network enabling us to work remotely into their system in Switzerland. We worked closely with Pilatus to develop style guides and formulate a robust set of working procedures.

illustrator drawing technical vehicle parts

The quality of our work and flexibility has impressed Pilatus to such an extent that we are now also working on Technical Publications and Illustrating projects for their legacy aircraft. This work involves a combination of off-site and on-site Sonovision resources. We have also utilised the groups experience and use Technical Authoring and Illustrating support from our Spanish office.

Key Achievements

  • Full suite of publications – 2000+ Data Modules
  • Achieved EASA and FAA Type Certification December 2017
  • ‘Crystal Class’ rated publications
  • Delivering 99% Right First Time
  • Collaborative working between UK/Switzerland/Spain/Canada
close up of a plane engine turbine

Liebherr Aerospace


Over many years, Sonovision has built a strong and successful partnership with Liebherr Aerospace.

Our team provides authoring of the maintenance documentation for Liebherr’s systems, analysing the source data provided by Liebherr Aerospace, drawing up and publishing several types of manuals.

Our main activity is the creating and/or updating of the Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM). We are also involved with publishing various maintenance documents including Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM) or Trouble Shooting Manuals (TSM).

All jobs are done in accordance to the current norms and specifications such as ATA, AECMA, STE, Style Guide, Guidance Document, Business Rules, CDIM, etc.

Resources and Key Information

  • 5 x Technical Authors
  • 3 x Spare Data Manager
  • 1 x Illustrator
  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Technical Support
  • 50% On-site at Liebherr Aerospace Toulouse (LTS)
  • 50% at SONOVISION Agency
  • 250 Work Order per year

Dassault Aviation


Sonovision and Dassault Aviation have a long-lasting relationship spanning 70+ years. Starting in 1948, Dassault Aviation was Sonovision’s first client for Technical Publications activities.

Sonovision has supported Dassault Aviation on both Civil and Military activities, mainly in Saint Cloud and Mérignac.

For over 40 years, Sonovision has been responsible for handling the production of all Falcon Flight Documentation.

aeroplane taking off

Today, Sonovision is able to provide time and material activities, with personnel that are well respected and fully integrated into their respective teams, or turn-key solutions with regards to Training or Technical Publications activities.

Resources and Numbers

  • Over 2 Million pages per year
  • 25000 manuals per year
  • 10000 USB Keys
EDF factory

EDF Energy


Sonovision has built a successful long-term relationship with EDF Energy supporting them at the Sizewell B power station. Sonovision UK was selected to supply on-site and off-site Technical Documentation support for the Investment Delivery and Dry Fuel Store teams.

Our Sonovision personnel are well regarded and fully integrated into their respective teams on-site and have proved invaluable. This has even gone as far as our Sonovision on-site personnel representing EDF at supplier’s sites in France and Germany.

In addition to normal day to day communications between the Sonovision Project Manager and EDF team leaders, we also hold regular progress meetings on site at EDF Sizewell B Power Station.

One of the reasons that Sonovision has been so successful with EDF is the flexibility that we offer. This includes on-site and off-site resource placement and Firm Fixed Price (FFP) / time and material contracts.

Resources and Key Location

  • 4 x Technical Authors; 2 x CAD Technicians; 1 x Document Controller
  • 3500+ Documents annually
  • On-site at EDF Sizewell B Power Station; On-site at EDF Barnwood.
  • Off-site Authoring/Illustrating/Graphic Design/Training support from Letchworth Garden City

Nexter Systems


In order to prepare for its VBCI Export commercialisation, Nexter Systems needed to quantify its testability performances to publish them in the answers to future calls for tenders.

Working in partnership with Sonovision, our sister agency, SOM Ligeron, proposed a method to quantify the testability performances according to the available data. The solution consisted of carrying out functional FMEA for each piece of equipment and then grouping them within a system FMEA.

soldiers on a tank driving through a field

Key Activities

  • Precise delimitation of the perimeter
  • Creation of a list of URL
  • Reliability data recovery
  • Constitution of FMEA
  • Adding the testability layer
  • Performance calculation
  • Identification of untested equipment
  • Writing the report