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Sonovision is building a long-term relationship with Edvance, supporting them for the construction of Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C. Sonovision UK, along with SOM and Bilfinger, was selected to supply design and engineering support, in the form of technical assistance, work unit and work package.

Our Sonovision personnel will be fully integrated into their respective teams, on-site at the Joint Design Office (JDO) or at the UK EPR Design Center, or any other required locations.

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One of the strengths of Sonovision within this partnership is its capability to resource locally but also to provide internal mobility to Ortec Group collaborators, allowing resources currently working for the HPC project in France to be relocated to the UK, allowing the transfer of competences and expertise to customer required location.

Key Resources

  • 1 x Piping Calculation Engineer
  • 1x Engineering Project Manager

Our ambition is to follow Edvance in the development of the design and engineering team, especially the increased number of collaborator required for the site activities, which should see an increased from 2022 onward.

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Naval Group


Sonovision has built a very long-term partnership with Naval Group spanning over four decades of collaboration. Starting in 1976 in Cherbourg, our collaboration has extended to all other Naval Group locations.

Combining our expert knowledge of Naval Group programs with our specific skills tailored to meet their needs, Sonovision is recognised as a highly regarded and dependable supplier. Sonovision works with Naval Group on various programs covering infrastructure, superstructures, submarines, nuclear power systems and weapons.

Sonovision teams work either on-site or off-site, mainly through master contracts. Dedicated contract follow-up meetings occur every quarter to check KPIs to ensure we meet Naval Group’s challenging requirements.

Key Figures and Fields of Activity

Presence on 4 Naval Group sites in France:

  • Lorient
  • Brest
  • Toulon
  • Ollioules


  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
  • Mechanical studies
  • Technical Documentation
  • Calculation
  • Safety and Industrial Risks
  • Training
  • NATO Coding

EDF Energy


Sonovision personnel are well regarded and fully integrated into our respective teams on-site and have proved invaluable. This has even gone as far as Sonovision on-site personnel representing us at suppliers' sites in France and Germany.

EDF Energy

Robotic Process Automation