Our in-house technical specialists provide industry specific expertise

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Technical Authoring - A full range of technical publications

Technical Authoring
Sonovision has a proven track record of preparing a full range of technical publications, from comprehensive system manuals to individual guides for small and large projects. All phases of the production life cycle, from basic data analysis to preparation and delivery, are expertly managed. We can develop any type of printed or online documentation, including S1000D, ATAXML, DITA and interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM). Our in-house technical experts provide industry-specific expertise.

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Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA)
Sonovision produces DITA XML-based documentation for commercial clients. Our end-to-end authoring architecture delivers technical information faster and cheaper than traditional documentation. This architecture consists of a set of design principles for creating ‘information-typed’ modules at a topic level and for using that content in delivery modes such as online help and product support portals on the Web. Adopting DITA, improves productivity, content accuracy, content repurposing, and ultimately reduce costs.

DITA documentation has many advantages:

  • Reuse content
  • Reuse topics in different projects
  • Generate summaries and overviews automatically from structured content
  • Repurpose content
  • Deliver content in multiple formats
  • Re-assemble topics freely to produce customised output
  • Target information according to user type and user context
  • Increase productivity
  • Enable better collaboration for faster delivery
  • Distribute work so writers can work in parallel, thanks to topic-driven architecture
  • Provide for easy topic reuse without any further manipulation
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Working in partnership with our sister agency, SOM, we have been supporting our customers for over 25 years with a wide range of technical expertise in the field of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS).

Within the Ortec Group, SOM Ligeron is the benchmark for risk management and operational safety.

We offer RAMS Training and RAMS Studies, including:

  • Reliability and availability studies
  • Safety studies
  • Security and software quality
  • Statistical studies and feedback analysis
  • Regulatory compliance studies
  • Flow simulation


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