Link digital content to real world objects

an augmented reality maintenance app being used on a piece of machinery
pilots using an augmented reality app to learn about different elements of the cockpit
Augmented Reality - Experience enhanced realities

AR is used extensively by many well-known organisations to enable learners to experience enhanced realities using their own mobile devices. With applications for training, maintenance procedures and diagnostics can be executed with the aid of digital information overlaid on a physical product, modernising how learners interact with their environments to create more effective, timesaving experiences.

Main features

  • Cross Platform
  • Integration
  • Object Tracking
  • Templates
  • Multi-language

Key Advantages

  • Reduce operation and maintenance time by 30% with contextual, on-demand information.
  • Increase service quality and first-time fix rate with step-by-step instructions.
  • Re-use 2D, 3D and CAD data from existing technical documentation.
  • Link digital content to real-world objects with advanced real-object recognition.
Augmented Reality map of North America on a digital iPad device

Enhanced maintenance, operations and training
Transform existing CAD data into applications for maintenance, training and operations. Take it one step further with our Remote Solution for expert support anytime, anywhere.

Supports all devices and platforms
Create step-by-step instructions and visualise product components as well as diagnostic data without coding skills. By re-using 2D and 3D content, rich media and video, you can turn paper-based manuals into interactive guides for use on Android, iOS, Windows and Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Teamcenter® integration
If your organisation is already using Siemens Teamcenter® then you can introduce a ready-made AR content creation platform into your corporate infrastructure. Our solution allows you to access data easily in Siemens Teamcenter® and feed existing information around structure, design and visualisation directly into your content creation process on the platform.


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